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Help & Tips for Using TapOnIt

Redeeming Offers

Most TapOnIt offers are designed to be redeemed at the business location. Don’t redeem your offer until you are making the purchase at the business. When you are ready to make your purchase at the business location you will show the cashier your offer, they will tell you to hit Redeem, we will ask to make sure you want to Redeem, hit Redeem again. Then your offer will be date and time-stamped and marked Redeemed so it can’t be used again. If an offer is redeemable online, there will be a discount code for you to enter at checkout.

Saving your Favorite Offers

Save your favorite offers for later so that you can easily view and redeem them at your convenience. Just tap the Star under the offer image, and then find all your starred offers under “Favorites”

Easy Access to Your Marketplace Offers

Most smartphones allow you to create a “Home Screen Button” on the phone. It looks like an app but is just a direct link to TapOnIt. We suggest creating your “TapOnIt Home Screen Button” from the main marketplace page so you link directly to all your offers.

Earning Bonus Offers

Most TapOnIt offers have a Bonus Offer that can be earned. you can share your offers on Facebook, Twitter or by text by tapping “Unlock Bonus Offer”. If someone new to TapOnIt signs up through your shared link you will receive a text message with a link to the Bonus Offer for that business. Each bonus offer can only be earned once. Our system prevents people from opting-out and then back in through sharing to protect the businesses from having their bonus offers used more than once per person. So remember, you have to share with someone new to TapOnIt, and they must accept your share in order to unlock a bonus offer

View All Offers

Can’t find an offer that you want to use? All offers that have not yet expired can be found on the main marketplace page under “All Offers”.


If you want to opt-out of TapOnIt so that you no longer receive our messages all you have to do is reply STOP to one of our texts.

Do you have a question that was not answered here? Please contact us through this form we’ll help you as quickly as possible!


Share with your friends! Don’t you want them to get great deals too?!? Share your favorite offers to your friends by tapping “Share Offer.” Choose to share via Text, Twitter or Facebook. When a NEW user accepts your share, you will get a text message with a link to your bonus offer. Make sure to tap on “Save For Later” so you can quickly access your Bonus Offers!

Tap on the link in your TapOnIt text message. Tap on the Menu button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, tap “View More Offers.” You’ll see all the offers in your area that haven’t expired yet! PLUS – you can see the ones that are expiring soon so you can use them ASAP.

By texting TapOnIt to 82928 you will receive a new text message with the link to your offers. Tap on the link in your TapOnIt text message, it will open in your mobile browser. Make sure you are saving your offers! From there, tap “Save For Later” on all your favorite offers so you can easily access them all under the Menu. To keep this from happening in the future, you can create a TapOnIt home screen shortcut on your phone to quickly access your offers at any time.

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