Engage Customers with Texting

Featuring your business can help you grow and reach customers in the fastest most efficient way possible…by text!

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• 21% Open Rate

• Multiple Email Addresses

• Thousands of Unread Emails


Text Messaging

Text Messages

• 99% Open Rate

• One Cell Phone Number

• Zero Unread Text Messages

Grow Your Business

Expand your reach by incentivizing users to share and promote products
Users can share your main offers on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and via text
Gaining you free additional exposure for your business
TOIDeals Share Phones

Offer creation

Our team will help you determine the best offer for your business and will design an offer image to showcase your brand.


Your offer will be showcased in the Marketplace for the entire duration it is valid.

Redemption & Sharing

Customers can redeem your offer in-store or online, with the option of adding promo codes. 

Analytics & Reporting

Your Customer Success Specialist will send you weekly engagement reports and a final report once your offer expires.

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