Spotify Integration

Jun 22, 2021

Seamless Spotify Integration for Text Message Marketing with TapOnIt Platform

Selling tickets to a concert? Starting a new podcast? Building a playlist for your brand? Take advantage of our Spotify integration! Have a playlist, song, or podcast available to play directly from our text platform. 

Once the consumer clicks the link in the text thread, our Spotify integration allows them to listen directly from the text platform. You won’t lose your customer’s attention, because you can keep them where you want them– right next to your call to action. Audio will play right under the button you choose, whether that be “Buy Tickets” or “Subscribe to Podcast”. The user experience is key, and you don’t want to stray them away from your content by sending them to a third-party site or app.

RustBelt Text Message Marketing Campaign Phone Mock

It’s easy to add any Spotify content by simply searching for an artist, song, playlist, or podcast directly in our system. Artwork for the album or podcast is visible in the portal when searching, so selecting the correct audio is simple.

One of our clients, The Rust Belt, is an entertainment venue. They use our text platform to send out information about upcoming shows and pair it with our Spotify integration so users can sample the artist’s music, and have a direct link to buy tickets. This gives potential concert-goers a chance to sample the music, and buy tickets all in one place.

Bonus Feature:

Our YouTube integration works similarly. Show music videos, concert footage, or interviews of the artist without losing consumers to endless scrolling through videos before they buy tickets!

Sending images with your messaging puts you a step ahead by being visual with your clients, but adding audio can take it to the next level. Our Spotify integration puts the play button right at your customer’s fingertips and can help drive traffic through your doors.

Could the Spotify our YouTube integration be great for your brand? Talk to our sales team!