Sweepstake Ideas to Help Grow Your Text Message Database

Jun 7, 2023

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Sweepstakes are a popular way to engage and reward customers while promoting your text club to current and potential subscribers. An average of over 34% of new customers are acquired through sweepstakes! The possibilities for sweepstakes are truly endless, and it’s important to think outside the box and tailor them to your brand. Plus, with TapOnIt, drive even more growth by encouraging sharing! When your audience shares with their network, they can earn additional entries into your giveaway while simultaneously growing your subscriber base and getting your brand free exposure. One of our clients, The Rust Belt, grew their text database 80x in just 30 Days using a sweepstake! 

Here are some fun and creative sweepstakes ideas categorized into general, holiday, giveback, and experience themes to help you create compelling SMS and MMS marketing campaigns.

General Sweepstakes Ideas:

Simple and easy giveaway ideas that are sure to appeal to most audiences! Go big or small with these, and see what works best with your text subscribers.

1. Cash Prize: This one is obvious, but who couldn’t use a little extra cash? Offer a chance to win a substantial cash prize or a smaller sum. Either way, this provides flexibility for the winner to use the money as they wish!

2. Shop Local Prize Package: Collaborate with other local businesses to create a prize package that includes products or services from various small businesses in your community. This allows you to capitalize on a variety of audiences that you may not normally reach.

3. Tech Enthusiast Bundle: There’s always a lot of hype around new gadgets and tech accessories, so get in on the action! Even if your business has nothing to do with the topic, your audience is likely to jump at the newest products.

4. Ultimate Shopping Spree: Give participants an opportunity to win a shopping spree with your brand or for another popular brand that would resonate with your audience.

5. Product Bundle Giveaway: Give away a bundle of your products or services to showcase what your business offers and attract new customers.


Holiday Sweepstakes Ideas:

Holidays and big events tend to get lots of attention, so use them to your advantage! Whether it’s a big holiday, pop-culture event, or something niche for your industry, find a way to work it into your giveaway strategy.

1. “12 Days of Giveaways”: Organize a series of giveaways and prizes leading up to a holiday or an important event, like your business anniversary, offering a different prize (big or small) each day and promoting it across your social media platforms.

2. Festive Family Package: Give away a holiday or event-themed package, including tickets to an event, a shopping spree for gifts, and a cozy staycation experience.

3. Gift Basket: Create a sweepstake where participants can win a themed gift basket filled with your business’s products or services.

4. Feast Giveaway: Offer a sweepstake where the winner receives a fully catered-themed dinner for their family and friends.

5. Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: Create a holiday gift guide featuring products or services from your business, and offer a sweepstake where participants can win the items featured in the guide.

6. Winter Wonderland Adventure: Create a sweepstake featuring a winter vacation package, including skiing or snowboarding lessons, cozy accommodations, and winter activities.

7. New Year’s Resolution Starter Kit: Give participants a chance to win a package that supports their New Year’s resolutions, such as a gym membership, healthy meal delivery, or personal development books and courses.


Giveback Sweepstakes Ideas:

People love the opportunity to give back, so a sweepstake that ties into charity is a win-win for everyone.

1. Charity Partnership: Collaborate with a charitable organization and create a sweepstake where the prize includes a donation to the charity in the winner’s name.

2. Volunteer Experience: Offer a sweepstake where the winner gets an opportunity to volunteer abroad or participate in a meaningful community service project.

3. Giveback Shopping Spree: Create a sweepstake where the winner receives a gift card to a retail store, with a portion of the proceeds going to a designated charity.

4. You Win, They Win: Run a giveaway where the winner receives a prize, and a charity of their choice receives a donation! 


Experience Sweepstakes Ideas:

Memories are priceless, and people love getting to try new things!

1. VIP Concert Experience: Give participants a chance to win VIP tickets to a highly anticipated concert or music festival, including backstage access and meet-and-greet opportunities. 

2. Adventure Getaway: Offer a sweepstake where the winner can experience an adventurous activity like skydiving, hot air ballooning, or a thrilling safari. 

3. Dream Vacation Getaway: Offer a chance to win an all-expenses-paid vacation to a dream destination.

4. Culinary Journey: Create a sweepstake where the prize includes culinary experiences like cooking classes, gourmet dining, or a food and wine tour.

5. Sports Fanatic Package: Appeal to sports enthusiasts by offering a sweepstake with tickets to major sporting events, access to exclusive team experiences, and autographed memorabilia.

6. “Pay It Forward” Surprise: Randomly select participants from the sweepstakes entries and surprise them with unexpected acts of kindness, such as gift cards, care packages, or free products from your business.

7. Pop-Up Shop Event: Host a sweepstake where the winner can have a private shopping event at your small business, inviting friends and family for an exclusive shopping experience with a special discount

Remember to comply with local laws and regulations, clearly communicate the terms and conditions, and ensure that the sweepstakes align with your brand and target audience.

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