5 Ways to Stand Out During Black Friday Weekend

Nov 16, 2021

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The biggest weekend in shopping is rapidly approaching, and the pressure is on for small businesses trying to compete. With 2020’s Thanksgiving weekend drawing in 186.4 million shoppers, it’s clear that every business wants to take advantage of this opportunity. If you haven’t started preparing or if you’ve hit a wall in your Black Friday preparations, don’t worry! We’ve got you, here are our top 5 ways you can stand out this Black Friday!

1. Build a schedule of your deals

Having a plan of when to send out deals will help your business capture every demographic of shoppers. Knowing that some people want to get started early, offering promotions in the lead-up to Black Friday will get your early-birds excited. On the other hand, flash deals the night before or the day of Black Friday and extended deals through the weekend will help capture the more impulsive shoppers.

2. Offer additional deals on Small Business Saturday

Advertising deals for Small Business Saturday will motivate some customers to set aside time to visit your store in person or online that weekend! While most customers will be crowding into the big-name stores Thursday night and Friday morning, offering exclusive promotions on Saturday will give more people a chance to do their holiday shopping with you.

3. Optimize your online experience

“Black Friday” doesn’t just mean Black Friday anymore. It encompasses the whole weekend—which includes Cyber Monday. With more and more people turning to online shopping, optimizing your online storefront will help convert perusal clicks into sales. Have some deals ready for Cyber Monday, offer free shipping, or send out a Black Friday discount code. The last thing to remember is to double-check how your online store works on mobile; if consumers run into hiccups while shopping on their phone, they’re more likely to abandon their carts.

4. Make your in-person experience memorable

While most big box stores will be running doorbuster sales and filtering people in and out of their stores as fast as possible, small businesses have the chance to give customers a more memorable experience. Consider running a sale scavenger hunt in your location, offering free hot chocolate or coffee for early-bird shoppers, or setting aside some door prizes to give out throughout the day!

5. Save exclusive coupons for your text club

The Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to share some love with your VIP customers. Sharing exclusive deals with your text club not only brings your best customers back into your store but also motivates the growth of your text club. When more people find out about the incredible benefits opting-in offers them, more people will sign up!

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