Is Your Brand Affected by Social Media Algorithms & Shadowbanning?

Jun 28, 2022

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Are you struggling with social media algorithms? Have you seen a decrease in engagement with your posts? There’s a chance you could be feeling the effects of “shadowbanning.”  

While social media platforms are a fantastic tool for connecting with your audience, they’re tricky to master and are heavily saturated. Despite your follower count, there’s no guarantee that your followers will actually see your posts. Let’s dig into this a bit…

What are social media algorithms?

Social media algorithms sort posts in a user’s feed based on relevancy and user behavior. Each person’s feed is different and is typically made up of posts from their friends, families, pages, and brands they interact with most often. Algorithms are intended to help deliver the content you want to see and weed out anything irrelevant. They can also generate recommended content based on your previous behaviors and what other users like you interact with. There’s no exact science to this, and algorithms are constantly changing and adapting, so marketers must keep experimenting with their tactics to succeed. 

 What the heck is shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning is believed to happen if your values don’t align with the social platform or if you’re not following their guidelines. This ban can make your account no longer visible unbeknownst to you, causing a dip in engagement and making your profile and posts harder to find. If this happens, there’s a high chance social media censorship is affecting your brand, limiting your engagement, keeping your username from appearing in search results, and preventing your posts from showing up in hashtags or relevant searches. While it’s not an officially confirmed practice by social media platforms, many accounts have reported feeling the impacts of “shadowbanning.”

Why would a social platform do this?!

We can’t forget that social media platforms are businesses too, and their primary source of revenue is advertising. 

When brands feel like they aren’t getting results from their organic posts, they have no choice but to use ad campaigns to try to reach their target audience💰

So, now what?

Don’t get us wrong, social media is a great way to build brand awareness and a community with your audience. We use social media for our marketing too!  

The constantly changing algorithms and risk of decreased engagement means that we have to step up our digital marketing efforts! We have to look outside of just social media to ensure our content is being seen. For decades email has been the best way to reach the people that we know want to hear from our brands. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like it used to. While text message marketing is really just getting started, the fact that consumers are opting-in to get your texts means that you can cut through the noise and reach your audience directly. Take the content you’re already creating and posting on social media and text it to your audience. Use MMS to include multiple pieces of content in one text campaign. You guaranteed content and brand visibility with a 99% open rate on text messages. No more being forgotten about in a newsfeed, fighting the tricky algorithm, or fearing the shadowban. 

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