The Benefits of Repurposing Content for Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Sep 27, 2022

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If you were to compare a company and its inner workings to the human body, its marketing division would likely be the lungs of the operation. Much like how our lungs are responsible for introducing oxygen into our bodies, marketing departments create strategies that are designed to jettison customers into the company’s orbit. Considering customers are the lifeblood of any business, marketing teams need to stay on their toes and continue innovating to keep customers hooked.

Your marketing team has likely already created a sizable amount of content. While it’s probably garnered a fair amount of engagement through email and social media, the volume of potential that you could tap into by incorporating that content into a text marketing campaign is limitless.

What’s the Value in Reusing Content for a Text Campaign?

Compared to more familiar forms of promotion, marketing via text message carries many benefits and opportunities that simply can’t be harnessed when relying on older, more rigid advertising methods. Marketing through email doesn’t siphon the clicks that it once did, as fewer than one-third of recipients even bother opening the promotional mail they receive. At the same time, social media can be much more effective in spreading the word to your base. It asks that users submit themselves to the will of their algorithms, which tend to be unreliable at propagating content. Today’s average consumer is much more active than they once were, and marketing has shifted to meet them where they are as a result. Constructing an omnichannel marketing strategy is an excellent way to adapt to the times, as it synergizes all of your content across each of your channels, creating a brand that conveys the same message everywhere it can be found. Also, it saves the user time from hunting high and low for that one limited-time offer you announced just the other day. 

What Kinds of Content Can I Reuse for a Text Campaign?

One of the best things about text marketing services (especially ours) is that most allow for MMS messaging. MMS (multimedia messaging service) text programs allow you to integrate imageslinks, and GIFs into your messages, making most of your content compatible with the format. If you recently promoted an upcoming promotion on Facebook, all the text, images, and links you included in the post could easily be worked into an MMS message. The same applies to email; all the content contained in an email can be repurposed into an MMS text, where visibility is guaranteed, and engagement is more likely. 

Marketing departments are indispensable to the success of their businesses. With this in mind, it’s pivotal that your marketing team stay on the lookout for newer, more accessible channels for promotion. Text marketing is ideal for companies with a maniacal love for creating content and have a vast stockpile of existing content that can be shared more efficiently with their audience. It’s a must-use form of communication in this age of digital domination, and you won’t have to rework your content from scratch to make the most of it.

Any additional questions on how your content can make the jump to text marketing without a hitch?

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