Why Brands Should Use Multiple Images in Their Text Message Marketing Strategy

Aug 29, 2022

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You may already be aware of the power of text message marketing, but do you know all of the benefits that MMS offers? According to TechFruit, MMS messages have a 15% average click-through rate and 20% more opt-ins than SMS messages.  While you may add an image here or there into your texts, there’s a good chance that you’re still not taking full advantage of what MMS offers. A single image hooks users’ attention more than basic text, but have you considered the power of using multiple images in your texts? Using more than one image allows you to share multiple pieces of content and opens up the potential for further user engagement.

What Can Multiple Images Do for Your Brand?

Naturally, when you incorporate more than one image into a text, you’ll be able to promote more than just one thing! This is especially handy if you run a business that offers a multitude of services, products, blogs, or holds a number of events, as you’ll be able to inform your base of each one through a single message. If you run a brewery, for instance, you could use multiple pictures to inform your text club subscribers of a weekly deal on draft beer, an upcoming performance, and the introduction of a new menu item all in one go. You could also use images to engage in content and relationship marketing, strengthening the bond between you and your base through pictures that convey your company’s unique personality and history. Keep in mind that with TapOnIt, you can include multiple images (up to 9) or an animated GIF in a single message. Plus, sending more than one image doesn’t cost any more! Whether you send 1 or 6 images, you only pay the cost of 1 MMS.

How Do Users Benefit from This?

If you’ve only been relying on a single image for your text campaigns so far, there’s a good chance that many of your subscribers aren’t fully aware of all that your company offers. Once you start plugging multiple images into your texts, your audience should quickly understand what’s happening at your business in the near future by just peeking at the attached pictures. When combined with the always reliable benefits provided by word-of-mouth, or as we like to call it, Word of Thumb™, this can rope in new customers that might be enticed by an event or deal previously unknown to them.

SMS & MMS Marketing Phone Mock-Up for Brewery by TapOnIt

Once you start making your texts pop with various images, you’ll quickly begin wondering what took you so long. While it’s only one of the many ways that MMS asserts itself as the superior way to advertise through text, it’s arguably the most crucial. Our tendency to veer towards anything visual makes attaching some pictures the ideal avenue for any business seeking to seize the attention of their audience and stand out. MMS has brought a host of innovations into the field of text marketing, and the ability to add multiple images is just one of them. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!