Why Your Brick + Mortar Location Needs an Omnichannel Strategy

Aug 10, 2021

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Online shopping, meal delivery, and virtual experiences have become popular and routine since the pandemic. However, Brick + Mortar still has an advantage. There’s no substitute for in-person experiences. The best approach for long-term success in the brick-and-mortar world is to adopt an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to interact with you in-person, online, and a combination of both.

What does the omnichannel approach look like?

Visiting the physical brick + mortar location.

People still want to interact with you, and your brand. Customers know there is no substitute for eating a freshly cooked meal in a restaurant or trying on clothes to find the best fit in a fitting room.

Give customers a reason to visit you in person:
  • In-store only promotions
  • Personal shopping or dining experiences
  • Events
  • Live music
  • Tastings

Bottom line, do what it takes to get them in the store when possible – in-person exchanges increase sales by 100% due to staff’s personalized nature and customer service.

Add a digital component to your offerings.

Sometimes, people are crunched for time, and in-person experience isn’t feasible. Maximize your sales by offering options available online to complement your in-store offerings.

  • Online ordering
  • Delivery
  • Flash Sales
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Customer service text or chatbot

Don’t be afraid that moving some of your brick-and-mortar sales will hurt your physical location. In fact, it may help. Your brick-and-mortar location is a permanent billboard – and a study found that by simply having a physical location, online web traffic exceeded those who did not by 27%.

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