Five Texting Strategies to Engage Your Existing Audience

Nov 8, 2021

Phone with Data and Analytics - Boost Digital Ad Performance

New customers are hard to find and cost five times more to connect with than returning customers. While it’s essential to spend time inviting new people into your audience, creating a community around your existing customers can be a great resource to understand their needs and purchasing behavior while building brand loyalty. We’ve put together five easy strategies to help engage your current customers, all delivered right to their phones!

1. Run a weekly promotion

Texting out a weekly promotion is an easy way to get people into your store regularly. With weekly promotions, your audience will have something to look forward to and have more reasons to visit regularly! 

2. Build a community

A dedicated community of followers will help your brand grow and allow your customers to join the culture of your business. Texting out regular updates about upcoming sales, new products, or events builds strong ties with your audience, and you can take advantage of Word of Thumb™ to generate organic growth! 

3. Flash sales

Everyone loves a good sale! Flash sales are a quick and easy way to boost your revenue; texting gives you an equally easy way to spread the word. An MMS (multimedia messaging service i.e. a text with images, animated GIFs, or a video) can share details of the sales and photos of the products, giving people even more reason to shop before the sale ends!

4. Cater to your regulars

Using TapOnIt’s reporting and analytics dashboards you can better understand the data collected from your users, so you can better grasp what your regular customers like and dislike. The broad reach of texting allows you to gear your approach to what most customers enjoy with enough flexibility to pivot when necessary. See what tactics turn your clicks into conversions, and use texting to bring more opportunities to your customers.

5. Promote your content

Does your brand run a blog? A newsletter? A podcast? Text out a link to your audience and spread your content far and wide! This can apply to anything your brand produces—a texting platform makes your other digital marketing efforts even more accessible.

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