How to Grow a Text Club Database In Person

Dec 14, 2021

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It’s important to consider multiple strategies for driving sign-ups for your text club. When focusing on promoting your text club online, it’s easy to forget that you can also be signing people up in person—right in your store or at an event! In-person connections are a vital element of the brand-audience relationship. Promoting your text club in your brick-and-mortar location can help sell even the least tech-savvy person out there.


Thanks to TapOnIt’s personalized QR codes, signing up for your text club has never been easier! With some well-placed signage, you can drive sign-ups throughout the store. For example, a sign with a QR code and instructions on signing up can be placed by your front door, near fitting rooms, in heavily trafficked sections, and at checkout. This way, your customer is regularly reminded of the benefits that joining your text club would bring. Check out this great example from one of our clients!

In Conversation

Mentioning your text club in conversation with customers is a great way to draw attention to it. The personal connection goes a long way—customers will be more likely to sign up after being told about it in person. If you’re offering an opt-in coupon, mentioning your text club at checkout can entice the customer with a discount and net you another sign-up. If they’re already signed up, that’s a perfect time to encourage people to share with their friends!


Events are an easy way to incentivize opt-ins to your text club. TapOnIt’s opt-in can double as an RSVP to an event while gathering important first-party information about your interested customers. Using texts to promote and respond to your event covers many bases and gives you vital information about your customer base.

We’ve talked a bit about using an omnichannel marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar locations—promoting your text club in person is a great first step to incorporating a strategy like this.

You can connect your in-person and virtual experiences by using TapOnIt’s texting platform and start developing new ways to promote your business! Schedule a demo or reach out for more information!