How to Grow a Text Marketing Database with Website Pop-Ups

Mar 15, 2022

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Website pop-ups get a bad rap, but they’re not all bad! Sure, they can be invasive, annoying, and distract your viewer with unrelated advertisements in some cases. However, a text-savvy brand can effectively use pop-ups to promote a specific product or feature while collecting valuable information from consenting fans. Website pop-ups can drive growth in your text database and bring your text club to even more excited customers.

How does it work?

Taking advantage of your web traffic is a great way to build your audience! You can greet a customer with a call to action, using a small pop-up on your website to motivate visitors to opt-in to text message marketing. This pop-up can capture as much or as little information as you’d like, giving your brand access to important zero-party data. Additionally, your pop-up can share important information with your customers before they leave the page by tracking users’ cursors and engagement.

In general, pop-ups boast a conversion rate of 3.09%, with the top-performing pop-ups performing at a 9.3% conversion rate. Your brand can innovatively use pop-ups to close sales and gather data with some deft tactics. Your pop-up can do whatever you want, but we recommend keeping it brief and focused so customers can get back to browsing your great online storefront! Pop-ups can also take care of any necessary compliance language and inform new users that they will need to confirm their opt-in.

Pop-ups are another valuable tool in your text marketing toolkit, giving you another avenue to promote growth between your different digital platforms. By using pop-ups and other digital marketing tactics, you can create a cohesive brand image and see growth in every avenue of your marketing campaign!