How to Grow a Text Club Database Using QR Codes

Nov 23, 2021

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You’ve probably seen and used a lot of QR codes in the past few years. These tiny geometric graphics are powerful! They store URLs or other information that can be easily scanned with a smartphone camera. They’re a super convenient way to get people to a website, sign-up page, or opt-in text since 85% of Americans own a smartphone and can scan them in a matter of seconds.

Okay, but how can a QR code help me with growing my text platform?

TapOnIt has many simple sign-up methods to help grow your text club and get people opted-in. We’ve found QR codes to be a great tool to utilize in person. Place a QR Code on your cash register, a flyer, direct mail piece, hanging in your shop window, etc. Your QR code can link to an opt-in landing page or open directly to a text message with prefilled number and keyword to sign up for your text club. Drive opt-ins while a customer is walking in, browsing your store, or checking out. All they need to do is point their phone camera at the QR code, and then they’ll have the chance to opt-in—it’s that easy!

There’s no need to worry about the logistics. Included in every TapOnIt package is a personalized QR code that can be used to help your brand hit the ground running and start growing your text club.

Ready to build your own first-party database? Let’s get started!