How to Use GIFs in Text Message Marketing

Mar 28, 2022

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TapOnIt’s Guide to GIFs

And if you pronounce it “JIF,” then you can call this our Juide to JIFS. I can’t stop you.

It feels like GIFs have taken over the internet. These animated images have been commonplace for years now. And for a good reason too! GIFs are eye-catching, fun, and can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. They’re super accessible, too; if you’re looking for a GIF to use casually, aggregators like GIPHY and Tenor make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Making your own GIFs is easy, especially with free GIF makers available online. You can convert short videos into GIFs or create an original with your own still images.

What can you do with GIFs?

  • Catch a viewer’s attention! The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words so that GIFs can help reel a viewer in!
  • Show emotion. GIFs make it easy to share how excited you are about something!
  • Add personality to an animated object and communicate a joke to show off your brand’s sense of humor.
  • Highlight different items and show product options, such as alternate colors or styles!
  • Product demonstrations.
  • Show instructions.
  • Show a before and after reveal.

GIFs and Texting

GIFs are a great tool in your texting toolkit. An MMS supports one GIF, giving your brand more dynamic options to grab your audience’s attention. They can be used as general updates to your text club, or more text savvy brands can make an original GIF and give their audience a more visual experience. GIFs are super easy to use and well received by users, so the possibilities are endless!

Best Practices with GIFs

Since current texting technology can only send one GIF per text, they make an excellent tool to show some differentiation between regular SMS messages and static images. You can create short gifs to accompany new product details and let your audience see what’s new. Alternatively, you can send a reaction GIF with an update to communicate your brand’s personality and voice. GIFs are eye-catching and connect more personally with audiences, so you’re sure to draw attention to your texts no matter how you use them!