New: Performance Dashboard for Tracking SMS and MMS Campaign Success

Oct 26, 2021

Phone with Data and Analytics - Boost Digital Ad Performance

Big news —we’ve just launched our Performance Dashboard! In our ongoing effort to streamline the process for our clients, we’ve packaged tons of vital information into a couple of easy-to-understand graphs and tables available through our client portal. The Performance Dashboard makes it so much easier to see which tactics are working and which ones aren’t. Also, you can easily track your growth and demographics, making it super easy to see how much progress your text club is making.

Let’s take a closer look at the Performance Dashboard features:

1. Total Subscribers Panel

The Total Subscribers panel gives you a weekly breakdown of your text club’s growth and demographics. You can chart how your database is growing with new sign-ups and better understand how to target different segments of the population thanks to the location, age, and gender information displayed.

TapOnIt dashboard with SMS & MMS marketing subscribers metrics

2. Shares & Redemptions Panel

The Shares & Redemptions panel shows how your current offers are being received by your subscribers—displaying how often this week’s offers are shared and redeemed compared to the last week. It also shows the number of impressions (times users have seen the offer) and how often it has been clicked on. Finally, it features a notification box, so we can keep reminding you about new features as they roll out!

TapOnIt dashboard text message marketing metrics

3. Recent Campaigns Panel

This panel displays your last few campaigns and gives insight into how well they’ve been performing.

TapOnIt dashboard with recent SMS & MMS campaign metrics

4. Top Offers Panel

Finally, this panel shows your top-performing offers and their number of impressions, clicks, and redemptions. It’s your own personal leaderboard!

TapOnIt dashboard with special offers vie SMS & MMS marketing

To take a look at the new Performance Dashboard, just log in to your admin portal and take a peek at how well your promotions have been doing!

Ready to learn more?

TapOnIt is here to provide advice and support on implementing this at every stage in the process; schedule a demo or chat with our team, and we can get you started!