Six Marketing Trends to Track for The 2022 Holidays

Nov 11, 2022

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Do you feel that? The delightfully chilly temperatures? The sensation of dead leaves crumbling to bits beneath your steps? The ominous, yet oddly reassuring sensation that, somewhere, Mariah Carey is thawing from her annual slumber? These are just a few of the trademark signs that make autumn so beloved, and before we even get into the run-up to the holidays. The final third of any year is usually when marketing teams around the world flex most of their muscle, and the forthcoming holiday season is no exception. Before the end of the year bestows the usual blend of excitement and stress that makes it so exhilarating, it’d be best if you got up to speed on some of the marketing trends that should be focused on that can help your business excel in the public eye.

1. Expect More Intentional Spending

With the pandemic still causing deep ebbs and flows throughout the economy, consumers will likely be curbing impulse spending going into the holidays to focus on more intentional purchases. Given 70% of Americans believe that a recession is nigh, catering to their desire for more affordability can go a long way, even if it offers just a little bit of relief. Most businesses will seek to get the ball rolling on offering promotional deals and discounts a bit earlier than usual as a result, all the while using their advertising outlets to emphasize the value of their goods to their base. Maybe offer up more chances to nab some gift cards? You’ll need to stay on your toes to ensure the added stressors provided by the pandemic are as reined in as possible while ensuring you make a profit in the process.

2. Gifts Will Be Bought Earlier Than Ever

The economy isn’t the only thing that’s been grounded due to the pandemic, of course. Supply chain issues persist, which will result in products taking longer to reach shelves and the homes of those who requested delivery. Because of these delays, shoppers will seek to complete their lists much earlier. 2022 didn’t introduce this trend, as last year’s season also saw a much higher number of early shoppers than usual, but that number seems likely to grow even larger this year. Coordinating your sales strategies with this period would be ideal for your audience, with a focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials being especially vital, as they still pull in much of the same sales numbers as always. Some things never change, right?

3. Take Your Wares Online

In a world where delays and supply chain kinks are the new normal, the natural energy of the holidays won’t be the only thing that lingers in the air. Stress has been practically tangible in the past couple of years, and a stunning 96% of consumers intend on circumventing that by shopping online. Try your best to make the act of gift hunting as frictionless as possible by investing in some e-commerce strategies and perhaps even incorporating some self-serve elements into your retail environment. Keep in mind, however, that embracing these strategies can be a double-edged sword. A greater focus on online sales means more plate-spinning for your staff, which introduces more opportunities for frustration on the customer and employee sides. Balancing risk and reward while ensuring your customers and employees are equally taken care of is a tightrope that you should be traversing.

4. A Weight Off the Back

Earlier in the year, the Biden administration announced that they would be providing up to $10,000 worth in student loan relief to those making under $125,000 annually and up to $20,000 for those who used Pell grants. While it’s not that much relief in the grand scheme of things, it’s still an appreciated boon for those with a crippling amount of student debt. Because of this, a number of consumers might choose to spend a bit more than usual during the holidays, especially considering the program goes into effect right before the season really takes off. Catering to this audience with a combination of savvy marketing and low prices could give your business a potent boost going into the holidays.

5. Harness the Power of TikTok

Emerging as one of the most fertile new social media platforms is TikTok, a service known for its succinct vertical videos and its mysterious recommendation algorithm. Brands have already taken a keen interest in channeling the influence that the app has on the nation’s youngest demographics, most of which have seen their buying power strengthen in the past year. In fact, about 56% of its users are reliant on TikTok for information regarding new items. Investing in some research on how to best tackle marketing on the platform or how to get in touch with its biggest influencers might serve you well going into the holidays, especially if your brand is innately youth-driven. 

6. The Omnichannel Approach

While you likely already maintain multiple channels of communication, it’s a bit less probable that you’ve established synergy between them. This concept is the very essence of omnichannel marketing; it’s a relatively young strategy that creates uniformity between all of your marketing avenues, making your brand stronger and your messages easy to find, regardless of where they are. Email, text marketing, social media, and a website all count as channels that could be aligned. If you haven’t woven this idea into your marketing strategy yet, the holidays would be the ideal time to begin, as customers will be checking all of their apps and channels for the latest deals and discounts. Showing each of your avenues equal love makes the task of seeking out a festive offer much easier for your base while ensuring that your business’ identity is consistent, no matter where the patron heads.

While the spirit of the season will mostly feel the same in 2022, the fresh trends provided by the new year will give companies the motivation needed to put their all into honing their marketing strategies to capitalize on them. Given the firm grasp the pandemic still has on the economy, the forthcoming season will test your customer service skills on every front imaginable. Following the tips provided here should give you a leg up in handling the challenges this year is sure to bring, all the while laying the foundation for your marketing methods to remain top notch well into next year.

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