Creating Marketing Emails and Social Campaigns? Text is Next.

Oct 5, 2021

Phone with Data and Analytics - Boost Digital Ad Performance

Anyone with an email account shares the universal experience of watching countless marketing emails pile up—clogging up your inbox with correspondence from businesses you haven’t been to in months. Similarly, with social media, your feed is a hodge-podge of friends, family, public figures, and somewhere in that is a company trying their best to reach you. With so much noise, it’s challenging to keep track of everything. It’s only normal that this happens, but as more companies use digital methods to capture consumers’ attention, it’s essential to make sure your messaging efforts aren’t left by the wayside. That’s why, at TapOnIt, we believe that anything you put through email or social media channels, you could also be texting.

Why text your audience?

Whether you’re hosting an event, sharing a discount offer, highlighting your new products, or simply updating your existing audience, you want to minimize the risk of your audience scrolling past your messaging. Text messages have a 99% open rate, with 97% read within 15 minutes of sending. Compared to the stats of email—operating at an average open rate between 28-33%—it’s clear that text messaging is an efficient and effective way to reach your existing subscriber base. By integrating text message campaigns into your growing digital marketing efforts, you gain access to a powerful medium of connecting with your audiences. Omnichannel campaigns that involved SMS at some point in the process were 47.7% more likely to end in conversion. 


Texts are easily shareable

While forwarding emails and reposting social media content is a tried and true method of spreading the word, sharing a text message with a friend or colleague takes advantage of text messaging’s high engagement rate. For example, a subscriber can forward a coupon offer to a friend who may not already be subscribed and unlock a special bonus offer for doing so. That’s an additional person who could be interested in subscribing and a stronger relationship with your initial customer. This principle extends to anything else included in your digital marketing campaign; the accessibility and shareability of text messaging gets your promotion even further than email and social media. TapOnIt’s services also allow you to track data from your text messages, from clicks on offers to sale conversions—so you can easily understand what is and isn’t working. By texting promotional offers, you can easily capitalize on word of mouth—or as we say, Word of Thumb™.


Stand out amongst your competitors

Texting provides an easy way to stand out from your competitors by reaching out directly to your audience. Your messages can stay relevant with trends and current events, all while authentically connecting with the diverse group of individuals you want to reach. You can personalize your marketing campaigns for specific audiences and target both big groups and niches in your audience, all while setting your company apart from the broad strokes of your competitors. People nowadays expect personalization, and a text campaign gives you an easy and accessible way to cater to their individual needs. At TapOnIt, we give you the necessary tools and support to make your text message campaign unique to you—and we’ll support your business along the way with graphic templates, written guides on understanding your data, and plenty more!

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