Text Message Marketing and Sharing: Boost Audience Retention and Customer Relationships

Jan 18, 2022

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Text messaging is a social medium, making text marketing integrate well into the existing online social marketing space. The robust sharing capabilities of text allow users to share a brand’s content to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and, of course, SMS and MMS. Motivating users to share content is the key; that’s how your content spreads, your database grows, and your audience retention rates rise. The texts you send should encourage customers to share with others—ultimately driving more opt-ins to your texting program. Embrace the social element of texting and watch Word of Thumb™ in action!

Audience retention through text

It’s well known that repeat customers are likely to spend more than new customers, making audience retention a critical goal for text message marketing. By building a database of excited, existing customers, a brand gains access to another direct line of communication to motivate its audience to return to the storefront. Sharing content gives audience members a means of keeping each other engaged. By sending your texts to their friends and family, customers can grow your audience organically and promote customer retention. Studies show that a 2% increase in retention can lower costs by 10%, and taking advantage of another method to retain your audience will only boost those numbers.

Referral offer

Take advantage of text messaging’s social nature and reward your customers for sharing your content amongst themselves. Referral offers motivate your customers to spread the word about your brand, allowing users to collect more deals while you watch your platform grow. Creating text messages that can be easily shared and valuable to your whole audience allows your customers to share your content with their friends, families, and connections. Incentivizing that sharing through referral bonuses rewards your most dedicated audience members with specialized deals and exclusive content. Meanwhile, your database grows through their referrals and sales increase!

Turn brand loyalists into influencers

While a great marketing tool, social media is tricky to crack when first starting. Brands often don’t see the results they want until they’ve sunk a pretty penny into social media advertising fees. Instead, motivate brand loyalists to share your content with their friends, family, and followers! By putting out quality content and promotions, you’ll build stronger connections with your loyal customers, who will be more likely to refer their friends and family to your text club. With 82% of consumers depending on social media recommendations, there’s a real opportunity for growth whether you’re connecting with influencers or motivating your fans to share your content! 

Your brand gets a bit of the social media pressure lifted by letting your fans take full advantage of text’s sharing features. You can bypass anticipated promotion fees through sharing, letting your text club members share the valuable content you send their way. Likewise, sharing gives your brand more chances to raise audience retention and reward loyal customers. Your audience gets great content, your database grows, and you make more sales—everybody wins!