Utilizing Text Messaging for Holiday Event Promotion

Nov 30, 2021

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The holidays are all about coming together, and there is no better way to do that than in your store or a virtual event with some fun holiday-themed activities. Hosting events gets your brand out there and lets your customers get involved in your brand’s culture— all while promoting specific items or sales. TapOnIt’s texting platform makes spreading the word about your events super easy, so we’ve put together some ideas to help you brainstorm!

Hosting Events

Hosting events at your business’s location has the obvious benefits of getting customers in your store and right in front of your products. Still, it’s also an excellent way to offer a more personalized experience. The holiday season is a great time to host events like cooking classes, happy hours, pictures with Santa, or anything else to connect with your customers. If your business is online-only, try hosting these same types of events virtually!

Texting and Events

TapOnIt’s text platform makes sharing your event super easy. You can spread the word by texting your existing subscribers; alternatively, you can use the occasion to drive sign-ups for your text club. It’s a win-win! We can set up a custom event landing page for you so new and existing customers can sign up easily. TapOnIt’s sharing feature also makes organic growth possible, and you can incentivize existing customers to share the event with their friends by providing a referral offer.

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