Top Ten Ways to Build Your Own Text Database

Aug 24, 2021

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Are you ready to start using text marketing but not sure where to get started building a database of customers? It’s easy! Bonus: you will now own your own first-party, permission-based list of customers who want to hear from your brand.

1. Create a Landing Page

Make it easy for customers to sign up by creating a page including a form to enter their phone number and begin the opt-in process easily.

2. Run a Contest

Contests are proven to be a great way to build a database – who doesn’t love the chance to win something? Anything from a $100 gift card to an elaborate getaway is a great way to get people excited to join.

TapOnIt top ways to build your own database

3. Use “Text Only” Incentives + Opt-In Incentives

Show value by having discounts, promotions, content, and events only available to subscribers. Bonus: have a special coupon or piece of content that someone receives the first time they opt-in.

4. Encourage Sharing

Turn your brand loyalists into influencers by rewarding them for helping you organically grow through sharing. Using TapOnIt’s text platform, you can give incentives to users who share your texts via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or Text.

TapOnIt Deals Text Message Marketing Free Coffee Offer

5. Create Print Ads + In-Store Signage

Hang up posters and signage with sign-up information within your location. You can utilize a QR code on printed media for quick opt-ins. 

6. Add Website Opt-In Pop-Up

These pop-ups are a great way to get opt-ins from your website traffic.

7. Inform your Email Database

Notify your current email database about a new way to connect with your brand. 

8. Post on Social Media

Notify your social media following of your text platform. Create a post or ad to get them excited.

9. Attend Networking + In-Person Events

Sign up people in person while you have their attention. Have flyers, banners, and even business cards with a QR code on them that makes signing up quick and straightforward.

10. Advertise through Radio + TV + Streaming Services

Reach customers through local and national channels and stations.

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