What Features Should You Look for in a Text Message Marketing Platform?

Sep 2, 2022

What Features Should You Look for in a Text Message Marketing Platform

TapOnIt Analyzes the Qualities of the Best Texting Platforms 

You’re in good company if you’ve decided to invest in a text message marketing platform for your brand. Thousands of businesses rely on text marketing to communicate with consumers hungry for more content from their favorite brands. For-profit and nonprofit organizations alike have tapped into the potential of text messaging to connect with their audiences in authentic ways. With so many texting platforms to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin. As trusted leaders in the text marketing space, TapOnIt provides our clients with accessible, user-friendly texting platforms. 

What Are Text Marketing Platforms? What Do They Do?

Text marketing platforms are specialized services used to create and send text messages for businesses. Whether in the retail, hospitality, or food and beverage industry, your brand can benefit from text message marketing. Statistics show consumers are more likely to view a text message than a phone call or email in today’s fast-paced world. Because text messages have a near-perfect open rate (99%), they serve as a valuable digital marketing tool. Texting platforms are fully customizable, allowing you to build, reach, engage, and grow your customer base one text at a time. 

If your brand is about to launch a new product or special offer, text marketing allows you to broaden your field of influence and reach a wider audience. Making the most of this medium is in your best interest because it provides valuable customer insights to help you convert and retain loyal customers. In turn, you’ll be able to provide personalized, relevant content to build more meaningful connections with customers. 

Our MMS Platform Makes Texting a Breeze

The best text marketing platforms support all businesses, regardless of their industry. Your platform provider should offer advanced, user-friendly features and exceptional customer service. Sending texts through your text message marketing platform should feel seamless. After all, you have a business to run. Access to easy-to-use tools allows you to send messages without burning that much time or breaking a sweat. Your platform should also feel reliable and secure. Since you’re essentially placing your customers’ contact info in the hands of your provider, you’ll want peace of mind that their privacy is protected from potential malware, viruses, and other threats. You’ll also want to select a provider who offers analytics to ensure your marketing strategy remains the most effective for your targeted audience. 

What Makes TapOnIt’s Text Marketing Platform Superior?

TapOnIt proudly offers one of the best text marketing platforms in the industry. We’ve perfected the text message marketing process by developing a browser-based platform offering user-friendly features. Once you partner with us, you’ll gain access to our suite of cutting-edge tools, including:

Custom Content Hubs 

Enhance your customer experience and engagement with a branded Content Hub. Having a place where customers can earn rewards and redeem coupons while viewing and sharing content on social media is a vital asset. Unique branded content is “auto-magically” curated for each user based on their preferences and behaviors. Your customers can redeem special offers in-store or online via barcodes, QR codes, and alphanumeric codes.

Smart Audience Builder 

Our Smart Audience Builder tool lets you segment and target your audience to deliver superior conversion rates. You’ll also enjoy access to a dedicated Client Support Specialist who can provide robust reporting and analytics to measure the success of your campaigns. Seeing which texts were the most opened, viewed, clicked, or shared is crucial to making informed marketing decisions in the future.

MMS Marketing Services

Because the human brain is visual by nature, you may want to consider a company capable of providing MMS marketing as well as SMS marketing. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS messages can include images, videos, and animated GIFs for more impact. TapOnIt’s MMS marketing can include multiple images or an animated GIF per text to offer more visual content than other text platforms. We present more opportunities for brands to engage customer interest and drive buyer action.

Enhanced Text & Social Sharing

Our innovative text marketing platform offers enhanced text and social sharing capabilities. Users can share your branded content via the most popular social media channels, including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sharable content expands your brand’s reach and allows you to grow your database organically. You can even reward your customers for sharing content with exclusive offers and redemption codes, encouraging them to continue sharing.

Simple Customer Sign-Up Options

Getting customer consent to send them text messages is a must. Our simple sign-up options are user-friendly with easy in-store and online special offer redemptions to encourage people to subscribe to your text messaging program. Customers can sign up via checkout, social media, web forms, mobile ads, QR codes, and more. 

First-Party & Zero-Party Data Collection

Growing your first-party and zero-party database to predict consumer behavior and personalize your content is simple with TapOnIt. Our SMS and MMS marketing platform eliminates the guesswork behind developing the best marketing strategy for your brand. You’ll establish a direct pipeline to your customers, providing faster interaction than other marketing means. Since everything comes directly from the source, you can count on the obtained marketing data to be accurate and relevant to your business. 

Sweepstakes & Other Integrated Content

Do you have content from YouTube, Spotify, or Shopify that you’d like to send your customers? We can help you integrate blogs, abandoned cart messages, newsletters, video tutorials, podcasts, social media content, sweepstakes, and more to keep your text marketing engaging. Sweepstakes are an excellent means to boost your database. 

Robust Reporting & Analytics/Dedicated Support

Track the effectiveness of your campaigns through our robust reporting and analytics. Our dedicated Client Support Specialists can help you determine which pieces of content were the most clicked, viewed, and shared. Pull your reports at your leisure or schedule them to be sent as frequently as you desire. Our team can also answer questions and ensure your compliance with industry regulations enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best 

Today’s consumers are text-savvy, and no business can afford to be left behind without a top-notch text marketing platform. Learn more about everything TapOnIt has to offer when you reach out to our team. Our text marketing platform is second-to-none, offering next-generation messaging features and unparalleled results. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped other brands improve customer engagement and revenue through innovative SMS and MMS marketing.