Why Your Brand Should Be Texting Its Audience

Sep 21, 2021

Phone with Data and Analytics - Boost Digital Ad Performance

Text messages have an average open rate of 99%, which ensures visibility for your brand. While SMS is excellent for simple information, MMS allows you to bring your messages to the next level. With MMS, you can send images, videos, and GIFs directly to your audience. The human brain processes images 60,000x faster than text, so don’t just tell your audience – show them. Technology can be intimidating, but the data behind it doesn’t lie. So whether you’re new to texting or are already using it in your marketing, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of must-have text messaging features TapOnIt has to offer that can help your business take its marketing to the next level.


1. Your Own First-Party Database

First-party data comes directly from your consumer, so you know it’s accurate and relevant to your business.

Owning your first-party database means knowing who your audience is and exactly how to reach them. Use it to predict behaviors, build relationships, and personalize content.

This has become even more important for brands as Third-Party Data and Privacy Settings are changing.


2. Simple Sign-Up Options 

It’s essential to have multiple user-friendly ways to join your text program because it makes growing your database simple and straightforward.

TapOnIt offers a few different methods: keyword opt-in, QR code, mobile ad, web form, social media, and checkout.


3. Custom Mobile Site Capabilities 

Send users to your site, or send them to a custom site. A custom site is a branded mobile site where consumers can easily view the content you text them. Consumers need to be able to take immediate action based on the images they saw in their text. They can also earn rewards, share with friends, redeem coupons, and more right from the link in their text thread.

The customizable aspect of your mobile site is crucial for the diverse content you can include for each individual based on their preference.


4. An Emphasis Placed on Organic Growth + Sharing 

This will turn brand loyalists into influencers for your business.    

It’s crucial to have the capability to allow users to share your content on social media and via text. When new users opt-in through the share links, your database grows organically, your brand gains additional exposure, and consumers are rewarded for sharing – all with an easy-to-use flow.


5. Easy Redemption

Make it easy for subscribers to redeem offers and increase your return on investment.

Offers should be redeemable in-store or online to attract your audience wherever they are. Make sure the redemption process works with your checkout flow. We offer a click to redeem button, barcode, QR code, or alphanumeric code to give some examples that generally work for most businesses. We don’t require any POS integration to simplify the redemption process even further.

Make sure you have the flexibility you need. The ability to send multi-use or single redemption offers allows you to promote different types of content and track your results.


6. Segmenting + Targeting

Segmenting and Targeting are essential to reach the right audience at the right time.

Utilize tools like TapOnIt’s Smart Audience Builder to reach the right user segments, optimize campaign spend, and deliver superior conversion. Segment and target your audience based on information they’ve provided for you, such as demographic info, engagement history, and user behavior.


7. Tools to Help Tracking + Reporting

Use the data provided to create an effective marketing strategy. You should be able to track the performance of your texts to make informed decisions about what you send your audience. See which promotions and content were most clicked, viewed, and shared based on each text campaign.

It is crucial to pull reports at your leisure or schedule them to be sent to who you want when you want.


8. Triggered Messaging Capabilities

Use triggered messaging to retain existing consumers with a seamless flow.

Did someone click on an item or leave something in their cart? Send them an image to remind them to complete their purchase. Utilize this feature for merchandise suggestions, post-purchase receipts, browse abandonment, and more.

Ready to start texting your customers?

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