If You Basically Live At Your Desk, You Need These Things

Mar 2, 2021

Desk Essentials

Find out what the TapOnIt team can’t work without!

Ashley – All The Beverages!
My coworkers always poke fun at me for the number of cups sitting on my desk because I’m always drinking several beverages! I usually have a water bottle, coffee (sometimes two) or tea, and a smoothie! My favorite mug is the Ember Mug that allows me to regulate the temperature of my drink from an app! This water bottle is currently on my desk & it even has a matching wine tumbler for after office hours!

Burnt Orange Floral Water Bottle

Natalie – Office dog!
I love coming to work every day to see Ollie the Office Dog!

Being greeted each morning by the cutest little Cockapoo always starts my day off right! The lap cuddles throughout the day are an added bonus!

Luis – I gotta have my favorite music!
It depends on my mood, but I usually listen to this band. The reason I listen to is because it reminds me of really good times and keeps me focused. 

Bill – Multiple monitors!
I’m a developer so I stare at code all day, everyday. Having two monitors set up helps me keep everything organized, and it gives me the ability to view more at once. It’s way better than trying to read and edit code on one tiny screen!

Keely – Windows and plants to bring a little “nature” to my workspace!
I love having windows in my office to bring in some natural light throughout the day to brighten things up. All of the plants in my office are fake, which is great because they always look perfect and don’t require any work!

Shane – Lots of photos!
I love to surround myself with pictures that inspire me each day! They remind me why I need to try to make each day better than the day before.

Desk Photo

Stacy – Comfy chair!
A good office chair for more support because we all know sitting upright for eight hours a day is not very comfortable.

Emily – I don’t know what I’d do without my blue light blocking glasses! 
As a graphic designer, I look at multiple monitors all day long so my eyes can get strained after a couple of hours! Blue light glasses are seriously a lifesaver (or eye saver) and I wear mine every day. No more headaches or tired eyes! Plus, they can be pretty cute 🙂 I work from home so something else I can’t work without is podcasts! It can almost feel like I’m listening to friends or co-workers talk, so it’s a little less lonely. My all-time favorites are My Favorite Murder and Girls Gotta Eat (beware of swear words!)

Blue Light Glasses

Wendy – I love my electric blanket!
I am someone who is always cold so even if everyone else in the office is nice and warm, I can warm myself up without having to touch the thermostat! Plus I can just wear it on my lap under my desk so no one can see it.