Rebranding Announcement

Apr 6, 2021

Old and New TapOnIt Logo
Announcement: We’re rebranding with a brand new logo and website!

Notice something different?  That’s right, TapOnIt has a brand spankin’ new look! It’s hard to believe but we celebrated our 6th birthday this month! These six wonderful, hard, crazy, rewarding, scary (2020 anyone?!) years have been full of growth and changes internally, so we decided our exterior needed a bit of a “glow up” to represent the direction our company is headed moving forward!  We’re excited to announce that we have rebranded with a new logo, color scheme, and website. 

Out With the Old…

Old TapOnIt Logo

The original TapOnIt logo was created in 2017, after a brief stint as the name JumpOnIt Mobile Deals (anyone remember that?!) TapOnIt Deals has always been, and will always be about living it up!  TapOnIt BlueOrange, and Green are bright, adventurous, energetic, and fun – just like us!  Yet we came to realize that these three colors tend to be more masculine and our Deals community is predominantly female. As we have evolved and matured over the years, we felt our look no longer represented our company as a whole.

Fun Fact  

TapOnIt Deals is the product of TapOnIt Technology!  That’s right, we have our very own technology that powers our deals.  It’s thanks to this technology that we are able to text out awesome money-saving offers via MMS! If you would like to learn more about our TapOnIt Technology, click here

Old TapOnIt Technology Logo

…In With the New!

 In the last 6 years our in-house service offerings have expanded, and so has our team of talented individuals. We no longer wanted to treat TapOnIt Deals and TapOnIt Technology as two separate brands, but TapOnIt Deals as a branded channel powered by our technology. 

This new logo utilizes the basic look of the original logo but with a cleaner, modernized feel. We simplified our “tap” finger just a bit and placed it within a text bubble that represents the mobile marketing we provide and removed the cell phone. This new look has a design that presents TapOnIt as the cutting-edge technology company it is.

TapOnIt Logos


Our new colors are modern, approachable, tech-savvy, and female-forward. We choose Blue and Teal to convey our technology, stability, reliability, and wisdom. We choose Pink and Light Pink because they symbolize fun, youthfulness, and excitement – all the things we want our deals customers to associate with us with! 

Website (more to come)

After years of back and forth, we are excited to announce that we have purchased the taponit.com domain!  Therefore, taponitdeals.com and taponittech.com have been combined into one site, taponit.com! Our new page does a great job of showcasing our technology.  It is sleek, clear, and transparent. We will be adding additional content to our website to highlight all of the different and advanced features our platform offers. 

Stay tuned for even more website updates to come!

TapOnIt Branding

Fun Fact #2

Our new look and website were created in-house by our incredibly talented graphic designer!

All this has been a lot of work and we’re excited to share it with you. Tell us what you think!