Things We Learned During Quarantine

Feb 16, 2021

COVID Lessons

When anyone says quarantine, COVID-19 or pandemic – it’s usually not in a positive way. But, here at TapOnIt we decided to look at it with the glass-half-full approach (especially if the glass is filled with a tasty cocktail). Our team took some time to reflect on the positive sides of quarantine, and what it taught us, or that we took time to learn while we spent a little extra time at home.

Katie, our head honcho aka CEO, took the opportunity to sharpen not only her knives but her cooking skills. As someone who was intimidated by anything she couldn’t throw into the Instapot, this was a big step! Using HelloFresh, a meal kit she is sent weekly, she was able to learn, and perfect some new dishes for her and her kids – she even got so fancy she strayed from the directions and made her own versions!

Katie Cooking

Sara, our Co-Founder and President, decided she wasn’t going to let gyms and fitness centers being closed keep her away from her workout routine. The fitness community really took this challenge head-on and made the most of it with their virtual workouts and online classes available for everything from yoga, pilates, weight lifting and Zumba. Sara’s favorite way to work out at home now is Sarah Beth Yoga videos, and it’s a great thing to build into her fitness routine for busy days when she can’t get to the gym even when the pandemic is over. Sara also uses her FitBit to make sure she is staying active even though she is stuck at home!

Brittney, our Director of Client Strategy, took time to learn to make the perfect cup of coffee, and for her, that meant grinding her own beans. Brittney says she will never be able to go back now, she LOVES her fresh ground coffee, and this habit is sticking with her long after this!

Shelley, our Growth Marketing Manager, picked up a new hobby and turned it into a side-hustle! Shelley loves candles, you could almost say she is obsessed – and also loves antiques. So what better way to put them both together than creating her own candles – in antiques! You can check out her new website at vintagesparkcandleco.com to see her hobby turned business.

Ashley, our Marketing & Web Design Specialist, became a baking queen – she whipped up all the recipes she could find on Pinterest – and then some! (Banana Bread included, because, duh – who didn’t make banana bread during quarantine?) You can become a baking queen just like Ashley – have you entered our #GetCookin Giveaway? Check out Ashley posing in her newly remodeled kitchen (another quarantine project) with all the goods!

GetCookin Giveaway

Emily, our Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist, grew a serious green thumb, pun intended. Plants have taken over her apartment, and she’s not mad about it (her boyfriend might be though). While a few plants didn’t make it through the quarantine, most have thanks to the helpful tips and tricks she found along the way. PLANTERINA on YouTube is her go-to if she runs into any plant problems. She recommends starting with a Pothos plant like this one if you’re a beginner. They’re easy to take care of, and grow quickly which is very encouraging as a newbie plant parent! Bonus point if you stick them in a cute pot.